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Whether space availability is a concern in your home or not, beds with storage are investments that last long and save on space. The beds are stylish and practical. Find the best type of bed frames from Wowbeds. We have a king bed with storage that can be used as a focal feature of the space and will bring the elements of your bedroom together. The main attraction of the bed is its ability to help you make the most of the bedroom space you have. A spacious room does wonder for the mind and body. It will provide the perfect space to relax and rest. The bed will make sure you sleep in style and wake up feeling fresh and well-rested. 

Are storage beds worth it?

Due to limiting home space and increasing expenses, people are looking for furniture that offers multiple practical usages and a storage bed is just that. It is a versatile furniture piece that works for all types of homes. Given the modern lifestyle, a lot of people are looking for a king bed with storage. However, there is a lot of discussion on whether a storage bed is worth it. Let us consider the benefits of storage beds.

  1. Maximises the space in your home- A lot of people live in small apartments or a small house and they do not like congested spaces. This is the major reason to invest in a storage bed. It will maximise the space and will provide adequate functionality and aesthetics in the home. A storage bed is the best way to counteract the decrease in home sizes.
  2. Make the most of the available spaces- Double beds can be large and chunky. Hence, people are looking for ways to make the most of the investment and if you want to have more space or want unique storage space in a small area, a storage bed is the best bet.
  3. Have extra space in the cupboards- We tend to put seasonal items like blankets, bed sheets, pillows, or duvet covers in cupboards and wardrobes. They take maximum space and it is best to store them in the bed. They are occasional products that come out only during the winters and can be shifted to the king bed with storage. It will free up ample space in the wardrobe and will allow you to keep items you need daily.
  4. Enhances the ambience of the house- King bed with storage improves the ambience of the house. They have a luxurious premium look and blend well with the interiors. Besides that, a lot of people put their used clothes or extra clothes in their cupboards and this can wreck the look of the cupboard. You can put these clothes in a storage box and place them in the storage space inside the bed.
  5. Affordable- If you want to invest in furniture but do not want to stretch the budget by investing in a storage bed and an extra cupboard, you can invest in the bed and manage both. As the storage bed already has enough space, it will fulfil your needs. If you are single or moving into a new apartment, do not buy a separate cupboard but store your essentials in the bed. 

Where to buy a king bed with storage? 

If you are looking for a king bed with storage, you will find the best quality at Wowbeds. Our products are available all across Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. We have more than 17 years of experience in the industry and offer a wide range of bed frames and mattresses to choose from. We also have bundles where you get a discount when you purchase the bed frame and mattress together. We have a Mega Storage bed frame and a Moderno bed frame. The bed frame and mattress will not be heavy on your pocket and we have a financing option that will make the dealer sweeter. You can buy now and pay later with our finance partners AfterPay and ZipMoney. 

Our bed frame is the perfect mix of style and sophistication. It is a strong frame with a sleek design. The frame will offer complete support to the mattress and will prevent sagging which will ensure happy and healthy sleep. When you buy the right king bed with storage, you need a mattress that gives you comfortable and quality sleep. We have hybrid mattresses made out of gel and latex and they are available in sizes such as single, queen, king single, and double. Our mattresses are made from bamboo fabric making them anti-bacterial and durable. 

You can place an online order and we will deliver your bed frame and mattress in a no-contact delivery. We offer a 10-year warranty and will send the mattress in a box. We also have a 120-night free trial. If you are not happy with the mattress, we offer a 100% refund, no questions asked. Check out our bed store for all the products and enjoy comfortable sleep every night.