Next time you’re in the market for a new mattress, consider online bed stores and shop the range at Wowbeds. With free and fast delivery of your new mattresses or beds, great sleep might be closer than you think. 

Where to find online bed stores?

Finding a new mattress or bed frame used to involve a time-consuming traipse through department and bed furniture stores, losing perspective quickly amid the endless options- all with big claims of the best comfort and support. Well, thankfully times have changed. Online bed stores are now relatively common. Upon first consideration, it might seem risky to purchase a new mattress or bed by placing an order online, never having seen or felt it. However, you’ll be pleased to know that many online bed stores offer more than their traditional bricks and mortar counterparts, with Wowbeds offering a whopping 120-night comfort trial before customers commit to keeping their new mattress! If that alone doesn’t take the risk factor out for you, then perhaps knowing it’s backed by a 10-year warranty will clinch the deal. 

Online bed shops go well beyond just eBay and Amazon. The advent of the mattress in a box delivery method has really opened up online sales in recent years. The advantage this provides to you, the customer, is that you’re no longer limited to what’s available at your local bed or furniture shop. Whether you are based in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney, our Wowbeds mattresses are guaranteed to please. 

Are there other brands with online bed stores that sell a mattress in a box? Yes. But with the unique hybrid mattress structure offered by Wowbeds mattresses, you get the cleverly combined comfort of a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress, the support of a pocket spring mattress, and the benefits and softness of a bamboo mattress- all in one package and at an everyday low price. When you shop at Wowbeds, there’s no need to wait for a mattress sale before having great sleep! 

How to choose the best mattress from online bed stores

With six mattresses to choose from in the Wowbeds collection, it’s really a question of what features you’re looking for in a mattress. Unlike a physical bed or furniture store where you literally lie on the mattresses they’re selling (often to the point where you can no longer feel the differences), when you buy online, you’re simply choosing the best combination of features to suit your requirements. For example, you can select a mattress that suits your preferred sleeping position, your preferred firmness, size and budget. Within your selected parameters, there may also be choices as to the construction and materials used within the mattress structure itself. 

Perhaps one of the best features that distinguish Wowbeds from other bed stores is the wonderful customer service, including the option to call and personally speak to a sleep expert. You’ll be guided through a process of determining how to improve your sleep patterns, duration and quality. Within this will be a recommendation on which mattress would be best for you and your wallet. 

Within the Wowbeds mattress range, there’s something to suit all sleeping styles, comfort levels and budgets. Each mattress design differs in the number of layers within the construction and the materials used. But one thing they all have in common is a premium bamboo fabric cover on top. All of the quality materials used in the manufacture of Wowbeds mattresses are safe and non-toxic, meaning you can sleep on it just 4 hours after you remove it from its box! 

Wowbeds mattresses can be used with any supportive bed frame, be it an ensemble or slat bed base. And if you need a new bed frame in addition to your new mattress, Wowbeds has got you covered. No need to shop at other bed stores because Wowbeds also stock beds in a range of sizes and styles and offer the convenience of buying a mattress and frame bundle. Choose from a storage bed with very useful drawers incorporated into a chic modern design, or the Scandi inspired Moderno bedframe for a minimalist look. The Wowbeds bed frames and mattresses come in every size, from your kids' bed through to your double bed, queen bed and king bed. Our bed frames are easy to assemble, and our free, fast and contactless delivery means you don’t need to put your back out getting your large items from the store to your bedroom!

So, no matter what size, firmness or price point you want- be sure to shop the range of mattresses and bed frames available at Wowbeds. We are passionate about helping you achieve perfect sleep and having been in the mattress industry for over 17 years, we know just how to do it! And that’s a guarantee or you get your money back.