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Try out a new pocket spring mattress from WOW Beds and enjoy a 120-day risk-free trial on every mattress sale to ensure that you’re really getting the perfect new design and feel for your bed. Our range of mattresses is high quality, affordable options for anyone searching for a supportive and comfortable nights’ sleep. A mattress with pocket springs is a great option for anyone seeking stronger support for correct spinal alignment and for reducing pressure on large joints like the shoulders, hips and pelvis. Order online today and enjoy fast, easy and free shipping direct to your door. 

What is a pocket spring mattress? 

A pocket spring mattress is a type of mattress design that allows the springs to move individually rather than as a whole unit more commonly found in open coil mattress designs. A pocket spring mattress is ideal for people who share beds with a sleeping partner regularly and for people who enjoy a firmer supportive structure beneath them. Movement throughout the bed is a lot easier with a pocket spring mattress design as there is minimal disturbance suffered by your sleeping partner. Where open coil springs will move together, causing ripples and rolls through the mattress when one person moves, a pocket spring design works to minimise those ripples by only engaging the supportive springs beneath the person moving. 

Our mattresses are available in all sizes from kids bed sizes to double bed and beyond. Order online today for a double bed with storage and enjoy fast shipping direct to your door and the best nights’ sleep of your life. 

Is pocket spring mattress better than memory foam? 

This is the age-old question and whether the pocket spring mattress or memory foam mattress is better will come down to the individual sleeping on it and what works best for their sleeping position and body support. Pocket spring mattress designs are often through to be a tad firm for lighter sleepers. If you’re buying for a small frame like a kids bed or a petite adult then it might be a good idea to test out the memory foam or hybrid designs. Body weight plays a vital role in getting the kind of pressure and support of a mattress correct. A medium-firm mattress cushion will feel firmer for smaller framed sleepers. It’s a good idea to opt for a single mattress size or king single mattress to ensure that the cushion feel is closer to the intended feel. 

The best thing about buying your new pocket spring mattress or any other mattress design we offer is that you enjoy a risk-free 120 day trial at home before you decide whether this really is the mattress for you. Buying a new mattress was once a big investment. Not only were mattresses expensive to buy but they were bulky and expensive to ship and receive at home. Not anymore. Our range of high-quality mattresses are affordable, made from naturally occurring materials like a latex mattress and bamboo, and they are shipped as a mattress in a box. This innovative way of shipping mattresses has completely changed how we deliver and receive them. Shipping costs have dramatically dropped and that allows us to offer our complete range of frames and mattresses with free delivery direct to your door, anywhere in Australia. That includes Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and everywhere in between. 

You don’t even need to be home to receive your new mattress. The quick and easy box design allows your delivery driver to leave your mattress in a safe place until you get home. Unboxing is quick and easy. Simply lay your new mattress out on your bed frame and allow it to regain its shape over 4 hours. In 4 hours, the mattress has regained enough of its shape to offer you a comfortable nights’ sleep. Within 24 to 48 hours, it will have regained its complete shape. 

All of our mattresses, including our range of pocket spring mattress options, are single-sided so you don’t need to flip them over to ensure you’re wearing the cushion layer evenly. We do, however, recommend that you turn the mattress around (head to toe) once per month for the first 6 months of use and then a couple of times every year after that to ensure that it’s evenly distributing the weight across the entire cushion surface. 

You also enjoy a confident 10-year warranty across our complete range of mattresses. They all come with a machine washable and cooling bamboo mattress cover that’s not only lovely to sleep on but a sustainable material that’s great for the planet as well. 

Is pocket spring mattress good for back pain? 

For anyone with chronic back pain or injuries, always consult a medical professional about the best types of support for your individual needs. For all other sleepers who are finding that in the morning they’re waking up with stiffness, soreness and a general feeling of not being rested enough, the best mattress for back pain will be the one that works the best for you. Even innovative and new designs are no guarantee that you’re going to get the most out of your mattress choice and we understand this. It’s why we offer our customers a 120-day risk-free trial across our entire range. What a mattress feels like one day may not be how it feels the next. Buy with confidence at WOW Beds knowing that you don’t have to live with your new mattress if it’s not the right fit and doesn’t give you that perfect nights’ sleep that you’ve been looking for. 

Order a new pocket spring mattress and storage bed online today from our beds store and discover for yourself whether opting for an affordable, high performing design is exactly what your body needs to feel rested, rejuvenated and energised for every day.