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One of the best ways to ensure general wellness is to get quality sleep, and that can easily be achieved if you get your hands on a mattress. At Wowbeds, we offer top quality single mattresses to suit different needs. We make mattress deliveries throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The History of Mattresses

Let’s face it, humans love comfort and that is why the oldest recorded mattress dates back to 77,000 years ago. Believe it or not, your early ancestors knew just how important sleep was and that is why they came up with different mattress designs to enhance the quality of sleep. 

In those early days, mattresses were made using a variety of natural materials including straws, feathers, horse hairs and even animal skin. Different people used materials that were available locally to them. However, as the world developed and people started moving from one part of the world to another, they also started trading in goods and ideas. It is through such interactions that modern mattresses were born. 

Today, mattresses are designed using a variety of materials including foam, steel coils which are sometimes called springs, wool, cotton, adhesives, polyester batting, flame retardants and fibre. There are even more modern mattresses that can contain air or water depending on the user’s preferences.

How to Choose The Best Single Mattress?

Hundreds of sellers claim to offer the best single mattress for different needs and that can pose a challenge. Well, here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the right single mattress for your needs. 


A good mattress is not necessarily cheap and that is why you should be able to get a product that can last for years. It is not always easy to determine which mattress is made of quality materials and that is why you should prefer those that are produced by a reputable brand. Reading through online customer reviews can be another way for you to understand whether a particular mattress is durable or not. 

Think of the size

The last thing you want is to pick a single mattress that does not fit your bed correctly. Remember that the Twin XL mattress is designed for one person but is slightly longer than standard single mattresses. It is with that in mind that you should be careful enough to compare the dimensions of your bed to those of the particular mattress you wish to buy.

The design

Some mattresses are designed using springs which help improve air circulation and give it a bounce, while other mattresses are designed using foam which provides body-hugging comfort and gives excellent pressure relief. 

Some mattresses offer a hybrid design that features foam, springs and latex. Getting a hybrid single mattress can be a good idea if you want to enjoy ample support and exceptional comfort. It all boils down to what exactly you want from your mattress.

The firmness

Some people enjoy sleeping on firm mattresses while others find it more comfortable sleeping on mattresses that are medium firm. It is worth pointing out that firm mattresses are especially recommended for people who sleep on their backs. Those who are also on the heavy side with regards to weight should opt for a firm single mattress. Soft mattresses are better suited to people who are light in weight and sleep on their sides or stomach.

The Cost

Some mattresses are relatively more expensive than others and that is why having a well-defined budget can be a good idea. The good news is that at Wowbeds we offer affordable and luxurious single mattress options and you can therefore rest assured of finding something appropriate for your needs. 

How Long Can a Single Mattress Last?

The typical lifespan of a quality single mattress is anything between 7 to 15 years. However, the longevity of your mattress also depends on how you care for it. Below are some tips to ensure durability. 

  • Use a mattress protector to keep it free of elements that may cause staining or damage
  • Avoid jumping up and down on the bed
  • Get your favourite pets a separate mattress and bed
  • Switch the single mattress from one side to another regularly. Additionally, rotate the mattress to ensure even wear and tear
  • Wash bedding regularly
  • Be careful not to scratch or tear your mattress when moving it from one place to another
  • Pick a bed that offers good support to the mattress. Remember a bed with large gaps underneath may cause your mattress to deform and get worn out quickly 

Where Can You Buy a Single Mattress?

Buy a top-quality single mattress from Wowbeds online bed store and let us make delivery to your doorstep. We not only offer a variety of mattresses but also have an exceptional range of bed frames for you to choose from. Our hybrid mattresses are a wonderful combination of pocket spring mattress, gel mattress, bamboo mattress, memory foam mattress and latex mattress. Go ahead and get in touch for any inquiries.