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Sleep soundly with a new latex mattress from Wowbeds, the leaders in comfort and the best nights’ sleep you’ve ever had. Our complete range of mattresses is available to order online with our risk-free 120-day trial and free returns. We know exactly how hard it can be to find the perfect mattress for your body type which is why we have such a vast collection of the best mattresses available. Choose a healthier night’s sleep and buy a latex mattress online today. Enjoy fast and free delivery direct to your door. 

What is a latex mattress? 

Although it sounds fancy, latex is a completely natural fibre derived from the rubber plant and was discovered as a mattress and pillow filling material almost 100 years ago. A latex mattress is made using either a combination of inner springs and latex filling or latex and other natural materials are used as filling. Our selection of exceptional mattresses come in all shapes and sizes for people who sleep in kinds of positions. Enjoy our unbeatable prices across our entire range. 

Why choose a latex mattress? 

Highly supportive and comfortable

Latex as a mattress material delivers a supportive and restful nights’ sleep, every night. Being a highly elastic material, latex can provide superior pressure-relieving support for your whole body while you sleep. No more inner springs digging you in the side every time you roll over! It rapidly responds to shifts in weight, gently cradling your body as you shift naturally while asleep. Supporting the heaviest parts of your body effortlessly, a latex mattress can deliver life-changing sleep support, helping to relieve common ailments and complaints like a stiff or sore back upon waking. 

Long-lasting and durable 

A latex mattress is also highly durable. This natural material is highly resilient and able to maintain its shape and sleep performance for years. Our range of mattresses available to buy online is also single-sided which means there’s no need to flip your mattress regularly to ensure it maintains its shape. 


The natural structure of latex makes it highly resistant to dust mites. Ensure a fresh, clean and healthy sleep every night. 

Environmentally sustainable 

Latex is one of the most environmentally sustainable materials for mattresses. Rubber plants, where latex comes from, pump millions of tons of oxygen into the air every year. 

How to choose a latex mattress? 

Choosing a new mattress can be an agonising decision and a big investment. Your sleep quality is vital for maintaining general health and wellbeing, so you want to make sure that the surface you’re sleeping on every night is as comfortable and supportive as possible. A latex mattress is a great choice for anyone seeking a mattress made from natural fibres, that is supportive and durable and requires very little ongoing maintenance. 

When it comes to choosing your next mattress, the following should be considered: 

  • Size – what size bed are you shopping for? Our selection of mattress is available for popular sizes like queen beds, king beds, double beds, kids beds and king single beds.
  • Support preference – are you looking for a firm mattress or something a little milder to nurse joints? Medium-density mattresses are ideal for people weighing 90kgs or under seeking a firm sleeping surface, delivering the same dispersion of weight and support as a firm mattress will for heavier individuals. With our 120-day risk-free trial, you can comfortably select from our convenient range of mattress in box options, including our range of memory foam mattress options, and if you’re not getting the best nights’ sleep then simply return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price.
  • Reviews – buying anything comes with risk but buying online feels especially risky. Take a look at our online bed store for insights and recommendations for how each of our products has already performed for our happy customers. 

Other things to consider when searching for a new mattress include mattress depth. If you have a bed already then check that the thickness and depth of your new mattress fit snugly and comfortably on your bed frame. Some styles of bed, including a double bed with storage, may have ideal depth levels for your new mattress. Take some quick measurements and compare with our full product dimensions available online to ensure you’re choosing the right mattress for your bed, added storage or not. 

If a latex mattress isn’t ideally what you’re looking for, browse our selection of other styles like a bamboo mattress for natural and supportive sleeping. 

Where to find a latex mattress near me? 

We deliver all over Australia for free! Our mattress sale products and the rest of our extensive range is dispatched from our Australian warehouse within 24 hours of receiving your order. Our delivery times are Monday to Friday and generally between 7.30 am and 6.30 pm and if you’re not going to be home then we can leave your new mattress in a safe place. Order online today and enjoy our risk-free trial. If you’re not happy with the feel of your new mattress then simply return it for free too. 

Enjoy shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and everywhere in between at no cost. 

How much does a latex mattress cost? 

Our range of mattresses, including our range of latex mattresses, are affordable and long-lasting. With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Wowbeds is committed to delivering the highest performing and most affordable mattress options to our Australian customers. Check out our website and you will find all the price details. 

Order a new latex mattress online today and enjoy fast, free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the country.