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A memory foam mattress could be the answer that you’ve been looking for. If you’re someone who struggles to get a restful and enjoyable nights’ sleep then your mattress may be the culprit. Our range of memory foam mattresses is available in a range of styles to suit any kind of sleeper. Enjoy firm but gentle support under your big joints. Enjoy your memory foam bouncing back to its original shape every morning. Enjoy a 10-year warranty on any mattress product that you purchase from us, including kids beds. We offer a fully online mattress sale that delivers high performing products at the best prices. We don’t charge you anything for delivery and we deliver direct to your door anywhere in Australia. Find out whether an affordable mattress with memory foam is what you need to achieve the perfect nights’ sleep and, if it doesn’t, then send it back to us for a refund or exchange. 

Is memory foam mattress firm? 

Memory foam comes in all kinds of styles and mattress types including queen mattresses as well as single mattress sizes. A memory foam mattress is made from specially designed materials that regain their original shape immediately after use. How is this helpful? Traditional mattresses have been known to wear and sag with age. An older style pocket spring mattress, for example, would often sag in the heaviest place on the mattress and, after a few years of wear, encourage sleepers to gently roll into wherever it was sagging. This lack of support can be devastating to your posture and spinal alignment. Memory foam is made to return to its original shape every time so that the chance of sagging and rolling into worn parts of the mattress is eliminated. 

Another key element of memory foam is how it performs as a dual occupancy mattress. Sharing your double bed, for example, can be a frustrating experience. If your partner is a light sleeper – or you are – any disturbance to the bed can be startling and disruptive. Our specially designed memory foam range with intuitive and intelligent pocket spring designs are made to eliminate this problem too. Our clever designs ensure that minimal disturbance is caused when you or your partner need to vacate the bed. 

To really know whether a new mattress is too firm to sleep on, you need to give it a try. Even testing mattresses in a showroom doesn’t really give you an idea of how it’s going to perform in a week or what kind of effects it’s really going to have on your body and your quality of sleep. We offer our customers a complete risk-free buying experience when they purchase our products from our beds store online. You get to use your new mattress for 120 days before deciding, once and for all, whether it’s really the right kind of mattress for you. 

How often should you flip your memory foam mattress? 

We recommend that you flip your mattress around once per month for the first six months and then every few months per year after that. Don’t flip your mattress. Our range of products are designed to be single-sided mattresses but turning them helps to ensure that the mattress wears evenly when you start to use it. All of our mattresses come with a 10-year warranty and are quality tested in our facilities in Sydney

Your mattress comes as a mattress in a box. This means it has been machine compressed but because it’s memory foam, it will regain its shape enough to sleep on after just four hours on a flat surface and then completely regain its full shape within 24 to 48 hours. 

How to care for a memory foam mattress? 

There are some simple things you can do to get the most out of your new memory foam mattress and keep it feeling as good as it feels after the first nights’ sleep on it. 

#1 Rotate your mattress 

As explained a little further up, there’s no need to flip over your mattress from Wowbeds but you will need to rotate it toe to tail about once per month for the first six months and then a few times per year after that. This helps to ensure it wears evenly. 

#2 Use a mattress protector 

Liquids and spills can affect the quality of the mattress foam fillings and possibly increase its deterioration. Consider using a mattress protector to guard against stains and spills. If you do stain the mattress or the bamboo mattress cover then use a mild detergent and minimal water to gently lift the stain and clean the area. 

#3 Get the bed right underneath 

A memory foam mattress will need a strong and stable base beneath it. Avoid using your new mattress if there are large gaps among the slats. Need a new bed as well? Get a storage bed like a double bed with storage from Wowbeds online at the same time as you purchase a new mattress. Have everything delivered to your door and entirely renovate your night-time comfort levels. 

#4 Hold off making the bed 

If you’re the sort of sleeper who makes their bed immediately after hopping out, then consider slowing down your routine. Memory foam needs a few minutes to return to its original shape and leaving your bed unmade will help it do this as well as help any moisture created throughout the night to dry out and dissipate. 

Ready to see whether a new memory foam mattress or latex mattress style works for you? Order online now and have your new mattress delivered directly to your door anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.