Wowbeds Dreamer Mattress

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Amazing value for money mattress with minimal partner disturbance and cooling features. Comfort and support at an affordable price! 


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  • Description

    Treat your body to a restful and refreshing sleep every night with this amazing mattress. 

  • Measurements & Dimensions

    Double mattress
    188cm (L) x 138cm (W) x 26cm (H) 

    Queen mattress
    203cm (L) x 152cm (W) x 26cm (H) 

    King mattress
    203cm (L) x 182cm (W) x 26cm (H)

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    Free delivery Australia-wide 

    We deliver your wowbed directly to your door FREE using the safest and most reliable delivery options available. Delivery times vary depending on your location, but all items are dispatched from our warehouse the same day, so you'll be having sweet dreams in no time at all.

  • 120 Night Comfort Guarantee

    Try your mattress at home - Risk free

    We know that it takes more than a few minutes and certainly more than a few nights to adjust to a new mattress, so we give you 120 nights in the comfort of your own home to decide whether your new mattress is perfect for you.

    We are so confident your back will love your new wowbed, but if you’re not 100% happy we’ll arrange to have it picked up by one of our partner charities and give you a full refund - no worries, returns are easy.


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120 Night Comfort Guarantee
Free shipping & returns
10 year warranty
Perfect sleep or a full refund
Internationally Certified
Internationally Tested

Ergonomically designed pocket springs - perfect support for your whole body

Temperature Regulation - say goodbye to sleeping hot!

Twice tempered steel springs - built to last


Minimal Disturbance 

The twice tempered steel pocket springs isolate movement and minimise partner disturbance. Each spring moves completely independently – what happens on one side of the bed does not affect the other side!

The combination of premium comfort foam, convoluted foam and luxurious gel memory foam further assists with motion isolation and shock absorption, ensuring an undisturbed, peaceful sleep.

Perfect back support

The Dreamer’s highly responsive pocket springs absorb your weight evenly to keep your body balanced and align your spine.

Hybrid Design - The best of both worlds

The Dreamer is a Hybrid mattress, combining a pocket spring core with layers of premium comfort foam and luxurious gel memory foam.

We’ve combined the best materials and technology to ensure maximum support, pressure relief and unrivalled comfort, for an irresistibly relaxing and restful sleep experience.

Add a Hybrid Pillow

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Complete your full body support by giving your head and neck the ultimate support. Complement your Dreamer Mattress with a unique Hybrid Pillow, blending the comfort and absorption of luxury foams, with responsive micro springs for superior head and neck support with improved airflow for a cool comfortable sleep.

Handles On Mattresses Make Life Easier

There are a few mattresses that have handles you can actually use - the Wowbed Dreamer is one of them. You can take hold of the handle and easily lift your mattress. Whether it be simply making the bed or cleaning underneath, these handles are strong enough to make your job a whole lot easier.

Twice Tempered Steel Pocket Springs

The twice tempered steel individually wrapped pocket springs respond perfectly to the contours of your unique body. The result is incredible and precise support, keeping your spine in healthy alignment.

Cooling & Temperature Regulation

The Dreamer has a number of cooling features, designed to help you sleep comfortably. A Ventex Mesh side enables constant airflow in and out of the mattress, minimising odours and keeping you dry. The pocket spring core assists airflow throughout the mattress, whilst the foam layers including the layer of cool gel memory foam provide insulation where it counts, keeping your temperature regulated for an undisturbed sleep.

Wider Sleep Surface & No Sag

Each Dreamer Mattress is built with a foam box edge support for added structure and support. This creates a wider sleeping surface and zero edge sag, so you’ll never feel like you’re falling off the bed again! We’ve designed the Dreamer to last.  

Non-toxic materials

The fabric and foams are internationally certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Certipur-US, so you can rest easy knowing that our materials meet the highest international standards for durability and performance and are free of harmful substances and heavy metals.

Best Value Mattress

Packed with amazing features at an unbelievable price.

Inside our mattresses

1 - Eco Friendly Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet. It is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic, wicking away moisture to keep you dry and healthy every night! You’ll love the softness on your skin!

A Ventex Mesh border enables fresh air to flow easily in and out of the mattress, for an all round healthier, dryer and cooler sleep.

Sleep Style

2 - Comfort Foam Level 1

A layer of Comfort Foam cushions your body with a cloud-like feel. Your pressure points are gently absorbed and your weight is evenly supported, allowing you to relax your muscles, and drift off to sleep - tension free!

Inside our mattresses

3 - Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Gel Memory Foam embraces the contours of your body with a gentle, supportive touch. It acts as a shock absorber to isolate movement and minimise disturbance.

The Cooling Gel acts as a highway, transporting excess heat quickly away from your body toward the Ventex Mesh, where heat and moisture can escape.

Our mattresses

5 - Comfort Foam Level 2

A layer of Comfort Foam cushions your body with a cloud-like feel. Your pressure points are gently absorbed and your weight is evenly supported, allowing you to relax your muscles, and drift off to sleep - tension free!

Sleep Style

6 - 7 Zone Pocket Spring;

Individually responsive steel springs are positioned to effortlessly support your body weight, align your spine and isolate movement. The springs maximise airflow for a healthy and cool sleep. All our springs (and micro-springs) are made from twice-tempered steel for extra resilience and strength. This is a bed built to last.

Our mattresses

7 - Reinforced Foam Box Edge Supports

We use a high density foam to create a firm box edge around the mattress. This ensures structural integrity, so your mattress never sags. This also creates a wider sleeping surface - so you can sleep right up to the edge of the bed without feeling like you are going to fall off!

Sleep Style

8 - Border Fabric

Bamboo fabric is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet, with many added benefits. You'll love the softness on your skin. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, anti fungal and hypoallergenic - antibacterial to keep you healthy, hygienic & odour free. Bamboo fabric is also immensely breathable providing insulation to keep your body warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Inside our mattresses

Sleep Style

Inside our mattresses

Our mattresses

Sleep Style

Our mattresses

Sleep Style


Hybrid Design

For Optimum spinal support & luxurious comfort

Our comfort levels explained

Medium - Firm

Most popular amongst Australian sleepers - A “just right” feel - cushioning comfort which is not to soft or too firm.

Perfect for:

  • All types of sleepers
  • Couples who can’t decide on soft or firm
  • Providing enough ‘give’ around your pressure points
  • Those looking for a 7 out of 10 firmness

The Dreamer's ideal comfort level

Sleep StyleDreamer
Side sleeper   
Back sleeper   
Stomach sleeper

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