No matter what size bed you’re looking for, Wowbeds has got what you need. From kids’ beds through to a double bed or even a king bed, perfect sleep is just a click away. 

What are the dimensions of a double bed? 

When choosing a bed, the dimensions are a key consideration. Wowbeds has made it easy to see the differences in dimensions between all mattress sizes with a handy infographic size guide

For a child, a single bed is generally the first choice, although king single mattress size is a great long-term option due to the extra length. But a double bed really provides a versatile solution too. 

Being 188cm in length, the double bed comes in at the same length as a single bed dimensions. However, with 138cm of width to play with, this bed size provides the option for one or two sleepers. 

If space permits, a double bed is a great comfort choice for teenagers who might be somewhat constrained by their single bed. Although both the single and double are shorter than the king single (which is the same length as a queen size mattress at 203cm), the double provides the option of a lanky teen sprawling out and using the length and width to find a perfect sleeping space.

Is a double bed big enough for two? 

A double bed size in Australia is certainly big enough for two, although most couples sleeping together full-time opt for a larger mattress size. Of course, the size of the people has a huge bearing on what a comfortable mattress choice is, but in general, a double bed is just that- designed for double the number of sleepers as a single mattress!

Where to buy a double bed?

Buying beds has traditionally been a bit of a chore that involved visiting lots of bedroom furniture and mattress showrooms, talking to multiple salespeople, and overall becoming bamboozled by all the available choices. 

Nowadays, buying a bed or a mattress online is becoming a lot more popular- and with good reason. At Wowbeds, all our mattresses including those for a double bed come as a mattress in a box and are shipped to your door using our free, fast, and contactless delivery service. The advantage this provides to you, the customer, is that you’re no longer limited to what’s available at your local bedroom furniture shops. Whether you are based in Perth Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, or Sydney, at Wowbeds, our mattresses are guaranteed to please! 

Buying a bed may involve more than just purchasing the mattress, and at Wowbeds we have some stunning options for bed frames too. There’s no need to traipse around other bed stores when you can purchase double bed frames with mattresses and get a great bundle price! Our bed frames and mattresses come in a double bed size option, which is not necessarily the case at other bed stores. Often the double bed size in Australia is overlooked as a size option, but we feel the trusty double bed has its place in the Australian market. 

Our bed frames come in 2 different designs. We offer a beautiful and functional storage bed, with lovely wide drawers incorporated into the base, because you can never have too much storage, right? Alternatively, there is a stunning Scandi-inspired slat base frame with plush grey fabric upholstery and gorgeous exposed timber legs. These beds come in all sizes, delivered free to your doorstep, and are easy to assemble. 

An additional perk to buying online from Wowbeds is your ability to call and speak to a real sleep expert. Having an expert to guide you through the process of determining what you need in your next double bed, and which mattresses will give you the best chance of achieving the blissful slumber you deserve is priceless. They’ll talk you through the differences between a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and a bamboo mattress, and why the Wowbeds hybrid mattress design is so popular. And if, after trialing your new mattress for 120 nights in your home, you don’t love it- you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. And as if this isn’t enough, your new mattress is backed by a full 10-year Australian warranty. That’s the healthy lifespan of a mattress, and we guarantee ours will go the distance. 

With all these features combined with great customer service and over 17 years of industry experience, you’d expect to pay a lot for a Wowbeds product. But we’re so passionate about you getting the best possible sleep, that we’ve designed the best value mattresses available in Australia. There’s no need to wait for a mattress sale when you shop at Wowbeds. No middleman, no stores. Just affordable everyday prices and perfect sleep…guaranteed!