The queen bed is almost the Goldilocks-sized bed frame, being the most popular style and size for Australian households. It offers you just enough room to comfortably share your bed with a permanent sleeping partner but doesn’t take up too much room within your bedroom. Our innovative designs now include queen bed with storage options that come with large, convenient, and practical draws tucked safely away beneath the bed frame. Use them to store clothes, bedding linen, or almost anything else out of sight and maximize the available extra space you have at home. 

Our designs will suit most contemporary furniture styles and décor, fitting gently into your bedroom with a stylish button-back headboard or plain headboard option. Comfortably sit in bed to use your electronic devices, read, or watch television. 

What are the dimensions of a queen bed? 

Bed sizes in Australia and around the world conform to general sizes so the average queen size mattress dimensions will be roughly 1525mm x 2030mm with some slight variation between styles and designs of bed frames. Our range of queen beds that come with storage compartments measures a total of 2240mm long and 1600mm wide. These measurements include the frame around the bed base and the headboard to give you complete dimensions for matching it to your bedroom or whichever room in the house your new queen bed is destined for. 

Our range of beds come with simple, sleek, and contemporary designs and are constructed to a very high quality. You can choose between a conventional queen bed style with no additional storage underneath from our online beds store as well. Dimensions for this unit are 2060mm long by 1450mm wide. You’re saving roughly 200mm of space when you opt for a traditional queen bed style from WOW Beds but you are losing valuable storage space beneath the bed. Our storage compartments are complete drawers so you can keep dust and other materials away from whatever you’re storing. 

If you’re in the market for a new queen bed like our contemporary and innovative storage bed design then ensure you check out our range of queen mattresses while you’re looking. We offer a range of high-quality and affordable mattresses specially chosen to offer the best sleeping supportive for all kinds of sleepers.

You can choose between memory foam mattress styles and latex mattress styles or even hybrid styles using intelligent pocket spring mattress designs that minimise partner disturbance for shared beds as well as comfortably cradle and support large joints for all sleeping positions. 

The best part about buying a new mattress from WOW Beds isn’t that we deliver your mattress in a box directly to your door anywhere in Australia. It’s not even that we deliver direct to your door for free, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. It’s the fact that we offer our customers a 120-day risk-free trial of any new mattress that they purchase from our online mattress sale. This way you can spend some quality sleeping time on your new gel mattress or side sleeper mattress before you’re ready to commit to living with it for the next 10 years or longer. 

When you’re buying from a showroom floor, you can often feel the pressure of having to choose between different styles on the day. Laying down on a new mattress versus actually sleeping with for up to 120 days are two completely different experiences. What might feel good on the showroom floor doesn’t always rate once you’ve been sleeping on a new mattress for a few nights. We know this because we’ve got over 17 years of industry experience. That’s why we offer our customers the option of really trying out a new mattress from us before you have to decide whether it’s the perfect fit or not. We take the guesswork and the risk out of buying a new bed and mattress. 

If you’re not sure what type of mattress is the perfect one for your new queen bed from us then please reach out to our customer service team via our website, via email or give us a call during our business hours. We’ll walk you through how each of our designs works, who gets the most benefit and explain how our cooling and comfortable bamboo mattress covers deliver a superior sleeping experience and help save the planet. 

What's the difference between a double and a queen bed? 

The main difference between a queen bed and a double bed, like a double bed with storage, is the size. A queen bed is both longer and wider than a double bed. While two adults can comfortably share a double bed, the queen bed size is often the more popular choice. A double bed mattress will usually measure in at 1385mm x 1900mm. 

King beds are larger again, allowing two adults and one child to comfortably share the surface but are also larger to store so if your bedroom is tight on space but you share your bed with another adult, consider a queen bed over a king. 

Where to buy a queen bed near me? 

Forget heading to a local showroom for your new queen bed and mattress and instead choose WOW Beds. Enjoy a 120-day risk-free trial on any new mattress sale, including kids beds, and free, easy and fast delivery directly to your door on both our range of beds and long single mattress. Buy online now.