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How to choose the right bed frame? 

When choosing a new bed frame, there are a few obvious parameters and specifications you need to consider. Possibly the primary consideration is the size, but in addition to this aesthetics play a huge role in choosing the right bed for you. Ensuring the frame ties in with the overall look and style of the bedroom as a whole is vital.

The desired level of support is very important when choosing beds. Generally speaking, bed frames or bases are available in two varieties: ensemble bases and slat bases. Sometimes the choice of the base will affect your mattress options as some mattresses stipulate that they must be placed on a specific base type. The choice of frames and bases for beds doesn’t only relate to the level of support for your body; it also ties in with the aesthetic considerations as the look of an ensemble is very different to a slat base bed frame. 

Choosing beds is a very personal decision, with so many different factors affecting your selection. When you’re wandering the aisles of the nearest places to buy beds, it can be completely overwhelming to narrow down the options. That’s why shopping online at Wowbeds can transform your experience when buying mattresses and beds. With six luxurious mattresses in the Wowbeds range, there’s bound to be a product to suit your needs. 

Wowbeds mattresses come in a variety of comfort and firmness levels and combine the technologies and benefits of a latex mattress, memory foam mattress, pocket spring mattress, gel mattress and bamboo mattress into one fabulous hybrid mattress design. 

What size beds can you buy? 

Beds typically come in 5 standard sizes, and you might need to base your decision on several factors:

  • How many people need to sleep in the bed?
  • How much space is there in the bedroom?
  • What’s your budget? The bigger the bed, the more expensive the frame and mattress. 

At Wowbeds, you can purchase our feature-packed mattresses in the following sizes:

All Wowbeds mattresses, no matter the size, come conveniently packaged as a mattress in a box. With fast and contactless delivery, buying new beds and mattresses couldn’t be easier. From a kids bed to a king bed, Wowbeds has got you covered. 

Where can you buy beds online? 

Buying beds online is nothing new, with most bricks and mortar bedding stores offering online options in addition to the plethora of online-only stores. But when you shop at Wowbeds, you know you’re getting quality Australian designed products, backed by a 10-year warranty and perfect sleep guarantee. Also, Wowbeds has sleep experts on hand ready to answer your questions and guide you in making the best selection of mattress and bed frame. This all sounds like it would have a heavy price tag attached, but Wowbeds are designed not only to support your body, but also your budget. There’s no need to wait for a mattress sale to improve your quality of sleep. No middleman, no stores. Just every day affordable prices! 

Wowbeds mattresses can be used with any supportive bed frame, be it an ensemble or slat bed base. And if you need a new bed frame in addition to your new mattress, Wowbeds has two stylish and functional bed bases to choose from. No need to shop at other elsewhere because Wowbeds also stock beds in a range of sizes and styles and offer the convenience of buying a mattress and frame bundle. Choose from the storage bed with very useful drawers incorporated into a chic modern design, or the Scandi inspired Moderno bedframe with upholstered bedhead and exposed timber legs. Our quality bed frames are easy to assemble, and our fast and contactless delivery means it’s easy to get your items from the store to your bedroom! 

Wowbeds offers free shipping on all mattresses Australia-wide. The advantage this provides to you, the customer, is that you’re no longer limited to what’s available at your local bed stores. We can deliver to you anywhere in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide Melbourne or Sydney

Choosing beds doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Wowbeds has over 17 years of industry experience and is passionate about getting you to sleep your best so you can be your best. Try your new mattress at home for 120 nights and if you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple! Wowbeds really does put the wow into buying a new bed.