Buying a mattress can involve a whole lot of decision making, which can easily become overwhelming. Do yourself a favour and shop the range at Wowbeds. No matter what size mattress you need- be it a single mattress, double mattress or even a king mattress- Wowbeds has a product that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time! 

What are the dimensions of a double mattress? 

The Australian standard double size mattress measures 138cm in length by 188cm in width. It’s big enough to sleep two adults, but it’s definitely a cosier fit than a queen or king mattress! For all the information on mattress sizes, be sure to check out the Wowbeds mattress size guide found here

A double mattress is actually the same length as a single mattress that fits a kid’s bed frame, but it’s still a versatile size that is worth considering- especially if a guest room is on the smaller side and only has space for a double bed. And if this is the case, why not consider a storage bed frame such as the Mega Storage Bed from Wowbeds? With four handy drawers incorporated into the bed design, this bed frame can really help sort out your storage issues in the bedroom. 

Where to find a double mattress online? 

Several online bed stores offer a mattress in a box format, but Wowbeds mattresses offer a unique structure within their six feature-packed mattress options. Not only are their hybrid mattress products a wonderful combination of the ‘best bits’ of a pocket spring mattress, gel mattress, bamboo mattress, memory foam mattress and latex mattress, but they’re designed in Australia and available at everyday low prices. Unlike other brands, there’s no need to wait for a mattress sale when you buy from Wowbeds! 

And not only are the prices great, but Wowbeds also offer fast, free and contactless delivery Australia wide! Doesn’t matter if you’re based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney or Perth, we can deliver your mattresses right at your doorstep. We strongly believe that once you experience the Wowbeds comfort and support when you buy a double mattress, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else. 

No matter if you’re needing a side sleeper mattress, a firm mattress or a soft mattress, all Wowbeds mattresses are engineered to accommodate all sleeping positions. We offer six perfectly designed mattresses to suit your body and your budget, and we guarantee you perfect sleep! Yes, you read that right- perfect sleep guaranteed or your money back. 

You might be wondering how you can confidently buy a bed or a double mattress online without having had the opportunity to feel and see the products as you would when shopping in a bricks and mortar store. Well, Wowbeds offers an amazing 120-night comfort trial in your own home. If during this time you find the mattress is not as comfortable as you hoped, you can choose to call Wowbeds to arrange pickup of your double mattress and get a full refund- no questions asked. 

Wowbeds mattresses also come with a full 10-year Australian warranty, so you can be confident your double mattress will last its full lifespan. And as if this isn’t enough customer service, you can also have access to a sleep expert at Wowbeds via live chat or phone. Sometimes it can be very helpful to have someone talk you through the process of how to choose the best double mattress for your needs, to ensure you have the best chance to dream the night away in blissful slumber! 

How much does a double mattress cost? 

When you look out for double bed mattresses online, the search results may just confuse you. But when you narrow down your quest for a new double mattress to those available from Wowbeds, not only will you feel much less overwhelmed, but you’ll also be confident in the quality items and the great price. 

The Wowbeds entry-level mattress, the Dreamer, is described as the ideal blend of support and comfort. Being very competitive in price, you’ll know you only paid for an entry-level product, but you won’t feel that way when you sleep on it! 

The Wowbeds mid-range products, the Supreme and the Ultimate are also very well priced. These beauties incorporate the benefits of pocket springs, foam and latex to provide exceptional back support and irresistible comfort for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. The Ultimate is described as the ultimate hybrid mattress for perfect spinal alignment and undisturbed sleep. Both are available in as a double mattress at a price that won’t break the bank. 

And you don’t have to spend a fortune to benefit from the unique Wowbeds Flex mattress. This popular mattress combines the cooling effects of a gel mattress with two interchangeable feels so you can achieve the perfect night’s sleep! This cleverly engineered mattress is perhaps surpassed only by the Wowbeds Performa mattress, which offers 4-feels, one mattress. Both are available as a double mattress, at prices that are sure to please. Good sleep is an investment, but one that shouldn’t be out of reach. 

With over 17 years of industry experience, Wowbeds are a trusted name in the bedding and bedroom furniture arena. To be able to purchase a double mattress for under $1000 that incorporates the latest technologies to provide supportive and restorative sleep is utterly amazing. Put the wow back into your sleep by choosing a Wowbeds mattress.