If you are like most parents, then your daughter or niece is a princess to you and that is why it may be a good idea to invest in our beds for girls. At Wowbeds online shop, we stock beds for girls to suit just about any age group. What’s more, we have just the perfect memory foam, latex and bamboo mattresses to place on the beds.

How to Choose the Right Bed for Girls?

Picking the right bed for girls is key to enjoying its benefits and that is why the following information can turn out to be quite helpful.

The size

The size of the bed you choose should be according to the room in which it is going to be placed. A room that is limited in space can do with a small bed. However, a larger room can easily accommodate a significantly larger bed without seeming too congested. You can also choose a double-decker bed in case you have two girls that share the same room.

The colour

Girls are very particular about colours and that is why you must be careful enough to choose an appropriate colour. Some of the colours that are commonly associated with girls include pink, cream, white, brown and peach. While picking the colour, you should also consider the general theme of the room in which the bed will be placed. The best beds for girls should blend with the colours of the room.

The design

When buying beds for girls, you are not just picking a frame for the mattress. You are also picking something that will go down well with the personality of the user. Designs can range from traditional cuts to elegant chic frames and even modern and out of the box creations. The general rule of thumb is that you should pick something beautiful enough to form a background for the girl to take selfies. 

Consider functionality

There are simple beds for girls that ensure you enjoy optimal comfort. However, certain beds do more than just offering comfort. Storage beds are a particular example that can help augment your storage space. Such beds often have a compartment that allows you to keep bedding, clothes and other accessories safely. Storage beds are sturdy and help you manage the problem of clutter in a room with limited space.

The cost

Beds for girls come in different categories with some falling under luxury products while others are basic but quite functional and comfortable. Some feature artistic designs while others are plain and simple enough to blend with any room. Regardless of what you are looking for, you must first determine the amount of money you wish to spend. The good news is that at Wowbeds we offer premium quality mattresses and bed frames that can work as a perfect bed for your girl.

Tips for Maintaining any Bed

Keep the following tips in mind if you wish to enjoy the comfort of your bed for years to come. 

Jumps - avoid jumping up and down on the bed because that tends to damage its integrity. Beds for girls should be for laying down to take a nap or sleep. 

Weight - do not exert too much pressure on the bed. Remember that a child’s bed is specially designed to accommodate the weight of a little person and not an adult. If an adult uses a child’s bed frequently, chances are that the bed is likely to get worn out quickly because of the pressure exerted by excessive weight. 

Mattress - believe it or not, the type of mattress you use can also play a role in how your bed gets worn out. A mattress that is too heavy and slightly larger than the bed may exert pressure both downwards and sideways. Such pressure may lead to damage. When buying beds for girls, make sure you also choose the most appropriate mattress from us. 

Ensure good hygiene - one of the most important things to remember is that hygiene is critical in ensuring longevity for any bed. A dust mite or bed bug invasion can be a nightmare and some people have ended up discarding their beds simply because of the parasite menace. To avoid such outcomes, clean beddings regularly and get rid of anything that may lead to an infestation. 

Where Can You Buy Beds for Girls?

Buy beds for girls from Wowbeds online store. The Wowbeds bed frames and mattresses come in every size, from your kids' bed through to your double bed, queen bed and king bed. Our process of ordering is quite simple. Simply browse through our website, move items to cart and fill in your details before submitting the order form. Our team will quickly process your order and make delivery in any part of Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.