King single beds are excellent choices for people who have slightly smaller bedrooms and want to maximise floor and storage space while still having a comfortably-sized mattress. They are perfect for taller people, as well, because they are the same length as a king mattress. If you are a single person or a couple who loves to snuggle, consider getting a king single bed to experience a deep night’s sleep without losing all the space in your room! Our online mattresses for sale will help you sleep comfortably all year round in breathable, bamboo mattress luxury!

What are the Dimensions of a King Single Bed?

A king single bed is 203 cm long and 107 cm wide. This makes it an ideal choice for a guest bed or for a person who sleeps alone and needs a longer mattress to suit their height. The length of the king single is the same as the super king size mattress, but it is about 80 cm more narrow. 

King single beds are great for smaller rooms because they maximise length and still give you enough floor space. If you live in a smaller flat or home, a king single bed is a great compromise between the luxury of a king bed and the economic size of a single bed. Most people, if they are sleeping alone, will feel like a king bed is much too large; a true single bed will feel too short and narrow for a grown adult. The king single combines the best of the king bed and the best of the single bed into one versatile mattress! 

The king single bed is wider than a traditional single; the single bed is 92 cm wide whereas the king single is 107 cm wide. This gives you (and your partner) a bit more room to fit comfortably on the mattress.

Is a King Single Bed Big Enough for Two?

This question depends on how much space you and your partner like to have while sleeping. If you are both quite snuggly and like to cuddle up right next to each other, a king single mattress will feel snug but not quite too small. If you or your partner need a bit more separation and space to sleep comfortably, the king single bed likely isn’t quite wide enough to accommodate your needs. In this case, it is better to opt for a double bed with storage, queen size mattresses, or king bed. 

Additionally, a lot of your comfort level in a king single bed depends on you and your partner’s body size. If you and your partner have narrow frames, you can likely fit comfortably- but still snugly- on a king single-sized bed. If you have more of a wide-body type, it is probably wise to choose a larger mattress size.

Ideal Uses for a King Single Bed

King single beds are versatile and great for many uses, even though they might not be perfect for everyone. Here are some of the best uses for a king single bed:

  • Small Bedrooms: not everyone has the luxury of a large, expansive bedroom that has enough floor space. Because more people are working from home and spending time indoors, that old double size mattresses in your flat might make the room feel a lot more cramped. A king single is a great way to save space and still experience a great night of sleep.
  • Guest Beds: most guest bed sizes are too small for your guest to sleep comfortably in; the single mattress size is good as a kids bed or teen bed, but not adults. If you want to give your guest bedroom an upgrade, consider how a king single bed will help your visiting friends and relatives sleep peacefully!
  • Taller persons: if you are above 1.9 meters tall, you’ve likely experienced the discomfort of standard-length mattresses. Nobody likes sleeping with their feet hanging over the edge of the mattress, but not everyone has the space for a queen or king bed in their home. A king single is an ideal way for taller people to sleep comfortably, even in a cramped room!

Where to Buy a King Single Bed?

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