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Get the perfect nights’ sleep with a side sleeper mattress from Wowbeds. We specialise in providing the highest quality mattress for side sleepers and every other sleeping preference. Adjust how you sleep with the correct side sleeper mattress firmness beneath you and stop waking up every morning feeling stiff, sore and under-rested. Choose from a range of contour types and buy with confidence knowing that you can return your mattress for free if it’s not the right product for your body. We offer a 120-day risk-free trial, free and easy shipping and the most affordable range of high-quality products. Order online today. 

What is a side sleeper mattress? 

A side sleeper mattress is a mattress designed to support people who prefer to sleep on their sides. Our sleeping positions put stress on particular joints and our spinal alignment. People who often sleep on their side will find that their shoulder and their pelvis can easily slip out of optimum alignment when their mattresses are too soft or too firm. Ideally, you’ll want a supportive mattress design that provides the right amount of support beneath the shoulder to help keep the neck correctly aligned but not too firm that it causes stress on the shoulder joint. A mattress that is too firm will often leave sleepers waking with stiff and sore shoulders in the morning. 

For support beneath the pelvis and hips, a good side sleeper mattress will gently cradle the hips, permitting the lower back to naturally curve. If your mattress is too soft then your lower back can drop, sinking into the mattress surface and causing an unnatural spinal position. A mattress that is too firm can cause the same pressure on the hips and pelvis, with sleepers waking with a stiff lower back. 

All of our mattresses come with intensive manufacturing information which covers not just the levels of support and filler but also how breathable and comfortable the cushion layer is to sleep on in all weathers. As a side sleeper or someone who enjoys sleeping on your tummy for most of the night, it is worth considering the design of the mattress you’re intending to purchase as well as the materials used and the mattress cover. Our mattresses come with natural, sustainable and breathable bamboo mattress covers that can be slipped off and machine washed when you need to. Our latex mattress options use a wholly natural mattress filler. Latex is derived from the rubber tree plant and is naturally dense. This makes it not only a sustainable mattress choice but also offers superior hypoallergenic properties. Latex fibres inhibit the growth of common dust mites and other nasties that can live in our mattress fibres. 

Memory foam is a great mattress filler because it always retains its shape after use. Common mattress complaints from conventional pocket spring mattress designs often include big dips developing in the mattress where the heaviest joints rest throughout the evening. Memory foam works by regaining its original shape after use so there are no large dips. To keep your memory foam and latex in top condition, turn your mattress head to toe once per month for the first 6 months that you’re using it and then a couple of time per year after that. This will help to even out the weight distribution and keep your memory foam in great shape. 

All of our mattresses are quality tested in Sydney to ensure that we are offering only the highest performing styles and designs. Every mattress comes with a confident 10-year warranty and you can buy risk-free from our online store and enjoy a 120-day sleeping trial. If your new mattress from Wowbeds isn’t delivering the perfect nights’ sleep you’re looking for then simply return it for a new style or a refund. You don’t even have to pay the shipping costs for sending it back. 

In fact, we don’t charge shipping at all across our entire range. You can buy online at affordable prices using your favourite payment method and enjoy fast, free and easy delivery direct to your front door anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. All of our mattresses are delivered as a mattress in a box making it easier than ever to unload and deliver. Our delivery driver can leave your new mattress in a safe space at your home if you’re not there. Unpacking your mattress takes minutes. Simply unfold your new mattress directly onto your bed and allow it to regain its shape over 4 hours. After that it will be comfortable to sleep on and within a further 24 to 48 hours, it will have regained its complete shape. 

How to choose a side sleeper mattress? 

When choosing any mattress, you’ll need to know the size you’re looking for such as a kids bed or a double bed. You’ll also need to know the depth of mattress that you’re looking for which can impact mattress comfort for different types of beds like a double bed with storage. You’ll find both a mattress sale and beds for sale at the Wowbeds online beds store

Use our handy online mattress guide to choose the highest performing mattress design for your preferred sleeping position once you have the size of the mattress that you’re looking for. We have a broad selection of styles available which include medium to firm support layers. There is in-depth information about how each layer of each mattress works to provide cooling or warming properties as well as how supportive each layer is for each kind of sleeper. 

If you’re stuck and not sure which type of mattress design will work best for your storage bed or provide you with the support that you need to finally get a great nights’ rest then please feel free to reach out to our expert and friendly staff. You can chat online with a customer service agent, call us during our business hours or shoot us an email. We’re specialists in the world of mattresses and getting the best nights’ sleep possible. We’ll walk you through our available types like our memory foam mattress options as well as the rest of our selection. 

Where to find a side sleeper mattress near me? 

We deliver Australia-wide for free which means that Wowbeds is your local mattress store no matter where you live in the country. Order online today for a new side sleeper mattress and discover the affordable, comfortable and long-lasting benefits of finally sleeping on a quality design.