Typically measuring 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, a king size mattress is the ideal solution for anyone who wants plenty of room to sleep at night or take a nap during the day. However, the sheer size of the mattress also has a bearing on its cost and that's why you should take advantage of any king mattress sale you can get.

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How to Choose the Best King Size Mattress?

While any king mattress sale may excite anyone, the truth is that you should not rush into buying just about any mattress because it is on sale. Here are some of the most important considerations to make before making the purchase.

Size of bed

Walk into any shop or browse through any online store and you will realize just how beautiful and comfortable a king size mattress looks. However, you need to be careful enough to make provision for an appropriate bed. The king size mattress won't fit in a small bed. The good news is that you can also get a perfect bed from Wowbeds.

Size of the room

Placing a king size bed and mattress in a small room may make it appear congested. Such a bed is better placed in a significantly large room. For instance, a standard king size bed is best suited for a room that measures 12 feet by 10 feet 10 inches.

Not all king mattresses are the same

There are three main variations of the king size beds and you must consider that when purchasing the appropriate mattress. The western style king size bed is long and narrow and will therefore need a mattress of a similar shape. 

The standard king size bed which can sometimes be referred to as the eastern king bed is quite similar to a queen bed. It is characterised by a wider design which makes it possible for it to accommodate two or three people comfortably. 

Last but not least is the split king size bed which is quite versatile because it allows you to use it in different types of rooms. Split king beds can make use of one king mattress or two smaller mattresses that are combined to form a larger mass.

The design

The design of the mattress can determine the results you get from it and that is why you need to consider this when looking for a king mattress on sale. 

Innerspring mattress - this type of mattress features coils that are then covered by comfort materials such as memory foam, latex or natural fibre. The springs may vary in placement and size depending on the manufacturer. However, most innerspring mattresses are firm enough to offer solid back support and come in budget-friendly options. 

Memory foam mattress - these mattresses have become quite popular over the past five decades. They are usually designed using memory foam with different levels of density depending on the manufacturing and the results they wish to achieve. They are softer than innerspring mattresses and rarely produce any noises. They tend to eliminate motion shocks and last relatively longer than their innerspring counterparts. 

Hybrid mattress - these combine memory foam and spring technology to strike a balance with regards to the advantages and disadvantages of the first two types of mattresses. Hybrid mattresses tend to offer better temperature control than foam mattresses. They also produce less noise as compared to innerspring mattresses. They are ideal for couples with different mattress preferences.

The cost

The type of mattress you buy may also depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend. The more luxurious king mattresses tend to be pricey while their standard counterparts fall within a budget range. Regardless of the amount you have to spend, you can always be sure to get good deals on our king mattress sale offers.

How to Maintain a King Mattress?

A king mattress on sale is a significant investment and that is why you must know exactly how to care for it. 

Keep it clean - clean your bedding regularly and avoid eating on the bed because food particles and liquids can easily spill and cause a build-up of debris. A dirty mattress and frame may lead to parasite infestation.

Don't play on it - don’t allow children to play on the mattress. Jumping up and down on such a mattress not only leads to wear and tear but can also compromise the sturdiness of the frame itself. 

Rotate and flip - rotate the mattress from time to time. You should also flip the mattress over to ensure even wear and tear. 

Use a cover - use a mattress cover to protect the mattress from the elements. This will ensure longevity and can make cleaning much easier.

Where Can You Find a King Mattress for Sale?

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