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Anybody plagued by a bad back, morning body stiffness and discomfort is looking for the best mattresses for back pain. Given that back pain is so prevalent, there are a lot of products in the Australian market advertising themselves as the best firm mattress for back pain or the most comfortable mattress for back pain, but how can you really be sure that they’re the mattress styles for you? 

At Wowbeds, we not only offer a range of affordable, high-quality mattresses for sale, we also offer customers free, easy and fast shipping anywhere in Australia and a 120-day risk-free trial. This means that if you’re looking for beds for lower back pain and a mattress for back and neck pain then you can confidently choose any of our memory foam mattress styles and hypoallergenic latex mattress designs, try them out at home and ensure that you really have found the best mattress for back support while you sleep. Get the perfect nights’ rest once and for all or get a refund. 

Which type of mattress is best for back pain? 

All of our mattress designs have been carefully created to cater to all kinds of sleepers and beds, including beds with storage compartments. You can view detailed descriptions of all of our available bed and mattress styles online, including a cross-section diagram detailing each layer of your mattress and how it works to create the right level of support not just for the first few weeks but ongoing, throughout its 10-year guarantee. We have over 17 years of industry experience so every member of the Wowbeds team can help you identify and order our mattresses for back pain. 

Traditional advice for people suffering from back and neck pain has usually been to choose a very firm mattress type. This is because a mattress too soft is not considered supportive enough and does not promote a natural spine alignment while you sleep, even if the softness of the mattress initially feels soothing against your joints. New evidence out of prestigious research teams, however, would suggest that very firm mattresses aren’t actually as good for supporting sore backs as previously thought. The perfect mattress is now actually the right depth and feel for your individual body. Our online mattress guide shows you how to choose the right kind of mattress design for your body type and your sleeping position. We go through how each mattress works, what it’s constructed from and how it helps to support individual sleepers no matter how they prefer to sleep. 

While a firm mattress will offer you the support your spine needs for the right alignment, you may be putting pressure on other joints that you don’t need to. For example, the right support under your back may not be right if you spend some of your sleeping time on your side. Consult our online mattress guide including gel memory foam options that keep you cool throughout the night for the right kind of pressure for you. Try any of our back support mattresses at home for 120 days and if you find that the style you have chosen doesn’t quite work as well as it could then feel free to reach out to our experienced customer service team for an alternative style that might work better. We work hard to ensure that every customer gets the best nights’ sleep they can. 

If you have a back injury or you are currently recovering from an injury that affects your sleep then we recommend speaking with a medical professional who may be able to offer you medical guidance for your mattress choice too. 

Whichever advice you choose to take, you’re never really going to know how well a particular mattress style or design works for you until you have tried it out. We know this and that’s why we’ve created a completely risk-free way of buying a new mattress. What a mattress feels like in a showroom is not always a guide to how it’s going to feel once it’s on your bed at home. 

Where to find mattresses for back pain? 

Our online bed store offers you a complete range of mattress styles as well as bed types. Buy a double bed with storage online today and team it up with a brand new mattress. If you have a double bed or king bed already and you’re only looking for the perfect nights’ rest, then browse our online collection. All of our available mattresses are in standard Australian sizes for all bed sizes including kids beds, queen beds, single and king single mattresses

We ship directly to your front door anywhere in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and everywhere in between. Delivery is free and comes conveniently as a mattress in a box that you can unpack and lay out immediately. It takes about four hours for your new mattress made with bamboo fabric to regain enough shape that it’s comfortable to sleep on and then a further 24 to 48 hours before it has regained its full size. 

While all of our mattresses are single-sided, we do recommend that you turn your mattress around (head to toe) once per month for the first six months and then a few times per year after that. This helps to ensure that your new mattress wears evenly and maintains its comfort, support and shape throughout its life. All of our mattresses are quality tested at our facilities in Sydney to ensure that we can confidently offer our 10-year warranty on our mattress products. 

Order from our collection of mattresses for back pain today and enjoy a 120-day risk-free trial to ensure that you really do have the best nights’ sleep at last.