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Nothing can beat that feeling of falling asleep on a soft mattress after a long day of work. Mattresses come in different sizes, designs and styles making it possible for you to find just the perfect fit for your own bedroom or the kids’ room. 

At Wowbeds online store, we offer a range of soft mattress options for customers in Australia. From memory foam to latex and bamboo mattresses we have it all. Whether you are looking for double beds, kids beds or storage beds, we can deliver them all to your address.

The Benefits of a Good Mattress

A lot of people have mattresses in their homes but only a handful understand the benefits of having a top-quality soft mattress. Here are just some of the benefits you get when you sleep on a good mattress.

Spinal alignment

Believe it or not, your posture as you sleep plays a huge role in your general health. If you have an uneven mattress, chances are that it can easily lead to spinal problems. A good mattress offers support for every part of your body so that each of the bones in your body retains the ideal alignment.

Prevents pain

Ever work up in the morning and couldn’t figure out just why you feel some pain in your lower back or shoulders. The culprit can be a mattress that is either too firm or too soft. To avoid such pain, you should choose a mattress that is ideal for your body type or weight. The right mattress ensures that you never have to experience unpleasant pains.

Manages snoring

In most cases, people end up snoring because their airways are obstructed. One of the main causes of obstruction is poor posture in bed. A top quality soft mattress can conform to your body structure to ensure that you sleep in the right position. That effectively eliminates the problem of snoring.

Boosts sleep quality

Nothing can be worse than experiencing constant sleep interruptions just because of discomfort caused by a bad mattress. To feel energetic and focussed during the day, it is important that you get quality sleep and that is where a good soft mattress comes in. Not only does it ensure uninterrupted sleep but it also makes sleeping one of your most enjoyable experiences.

Helps manage stress levels

When you are not getting enough sleep, your body tends to release a lot of stress hormones. That can end up making you feel agitated or anxious throughout the day. A soft mattress is one of the best ways to ensure you get a good night’s sleep and hence manages your stress levels.

Improves decor

Last but not least, a good soft mattress helps promote the decor of the room in which it is used. The best part is that you can easily switch from one theme to another by switching the colour and design of the mattress cover you use.

Signs You Need a New Mattress

If you are wondering when you should replace your old mattress, here are just some of the most important signs to look out for.

1. Your back

If you are sleeping as much as you used to but still end up feeling lower or upper back pains, the culprit may just be that old mattress. And even if your mattress is not old but the back pain persists, the problem may be that you are using the wrong type of mattress. People who are relatively heavy in weight get the most comfort from firm mattresses while those who are relatively lightweight have the luxury of choosing whether to use a firm or soft mattress.

2. Are you expectant?

While your current mattress may just be fine, your body may be undergoing changes. For instance, if you are recently pregnant, you can be sure that in the next couple of months your weight will increase significantly. That can affect the way your current mattress feels. Switching to a much firmer or soft mattress may be the key to ensuring that you enjoy quality sleep in the coming weeks. 

3. Allergies are getting worse

If you realize that your allergies are getting worse, especially when you get in bed, it may be time to switch mattresses. Old mattresses tend to harbour dust mites and these organisms can increase the severity of allergy-related symptoms.

4. You are padding a lot

If you find yourself padding the bed with more pillows and thicker duvets, it may be time for you to get a new soft mattress.

5. You can't remember when you bought the current mattress

Most mattresses come with an expected lifespan of 7 to 10 years. However, some get worn out even before that period As a general room of thumb, you should consider buying a new mattress after 7 years.

Where Can You Buy a Soft Mattress?

Buy a soft mattress from Wowbeds online store. We offer a wide collection of mattresses and frames to suit different preferences. What’s more, our team of professional staff is always on hand to make delivery throughout Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.