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To ensure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep, you must be able to find the best mattress and the right bed to match. This is only possible if you pay close attention to the various types of mattresses and bed frames available on the market. 

At Wowbeds online shop, we offer a wide collection of products meant to guarantee sound sleep at night or during the day. Some of the items we have in stock include storage beds, kids beds, bamboo mattresses, latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses. It is worth pointing out that you can take advantage of our single mattress sale to buy the best products at an affordable rate.

Types of Mattresses Available

Understanding the various types of mattresses available is key to appreciating each one's advantages and disadvantages. And with the right information, you will be able to know what exactly to pick when making your purchase through our single mattress sale.

Innerspring mattress

This is often considered one of the most traditional types of mattresses. It usually features a layer of coils that are then covered by comfort materials. Latex, natural fibre and memory foam are among the most commonly used layering materials. 

It is important to note that there are variations in this type of mattress with some having small spaces between coils while others may be significantly dispersed to achieve specific results. 

One of the key advantages of these types of mattresses is that they often go at an affordable rate. They are quite firm and can therefore offer solid support to the back and other parts of the body. 

That means they are ideal for people who sleep on their back or stomach and are relatively heavy. These mattresses are also available with varying firmness meaning you can find a single mattress for sale to fit your specific needs. 

Foam mattress

These types of mattresses became quite popular in the 1970s and have ever since grown to become the first choice for most households. They are usually made using different-density memory foams. 

The higher the density the firmer the mattress is likely to be. If you enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress then you might want to opt for the single mattress for sale that is of the highest density. If you want something softer you may want to consider the medium-density options. 

These types of mattresses are designed in such a way that they absorb motion shocks. That means even if you are sleeping with a partner that likes to toss and turn their movements will not bother you that much. 

The mattresses lack metallic springs and therefore they do not produce any noise even as they get worn out. Compared to spring mattresses, the foam mattress is likely to last for a longer time. They are ideal for individuals that like sleeping on their side and would like to avoid joint pain.

Hybrid Mattress

Some mattresses utilise both the spring and foam technology to produce something unique. These mattresses fall under the hybrid category. They are a good option for anyone that wants to strike a balance between the advantages of the spring mattress and the pure memory foam mattress. 

Hybrid mattresses are slightly softer than their spring counterparts but at the same time don’t have the sinking feeling of their pure foam counterparts. They offer pressure point relief but at the same time give reasonable support for the spine. They are relatively quieter than the pure spring mattresses but may be noisier than foam mattresses as they get worn out. 

Another advantage of hybrid mattresses is that they are better at regulating temperature when compared to their pure foam counterparts. Hybrids can also be perfect for partners who have differing needs in terms of mattress firmness.

Tips for mattress maintenance 

Once you make up your mind on what type of single mattress for sale you wish to purchase, go ahead and [place an order on Wowbeds online. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure that your mattress remains in good shape over the long term. 

Maintain hygiene - the last thing you want is to create a conducive environment for parasite infestation. Parasites such as dust mites and bed bugs tend to thrive in unhygienic areas and that is why you must avoid infestation by keeping all your bedding clean and limiting the number of people visiting your bedroom. 

Avoid jumping - many people find that jumping up and down on the bed can be quite fun. However, such activities often compromise the integrity of the bed and may lead to faster wear and tear to the mattress. 

Rotate and turn - you should rotate your mattress from time to time. You must also turn it from one side to the other to ensure even wear and tear. 

Keep it dry - in case you spill a drink or liquid on your mattress clean it according to the instructions attached. You should also take your mattress outside and let it dry completely to avoid the development of moulds.

Where Can You Find a Single Mattress for Sale?

Find the best single mattress for sale on Wowbeds online bed store. We offer top quality mattresses and beds at affordable costs. Additionally, we make delivery throughout Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.