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Most people who buy a mattress look for comfort, convenience, and affordability. A mattress in a box provides everything you need, and that is the reason it is gaining popularity in Australia and all over the world. There are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to a mattress in a box in Australia. Thus, choosing the right mattress tailored to your needs and preferences becomes crucial for a perfect night's sleep.

In this guide, we discuss several important factors that will help us in comparing and deciding the best mattress in a box in Australia. But before proceeding, we need to understand what a mattress in a box is and why people all over the country love it.

Introduction to Mattress in a Box

Mattresses in a box offer the same level of comfort and support as unboxed mattresses. These mattresses have options, made up of foams, springs, or a hybrid of both, which provides a perfect sleep experience for everyone. The hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds by incorporating both specialty foam and innerspring coils. This combination results in a supportive yet responsive sleep surface.

Benefits of Mattresses in a Box


If we compare the prices of mattresses in a box and other mattresses, they are more affordable and deliver a hassle-free experience. By cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers online, mattress in a box companies offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality.


The main reason why people purchase mattresses in a box is comfort. These mattresses have dual spring layers that provide maximum comfort while sleeping. Mattresses in a box therefore do not sacrifice comfort or support.


Although these mattresses are budget-friendly, they are crafted to provide maximum comfort and support while sleeping. There are many reputable brands such as Wowbeds from where you can purchase mattresses that use non-toxic materials and innovative hybrid designs to ensure durability and safety.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Queen Mattresses in a Box

If you want to compare and choose a queen mattress in a box, then you must consider several factors before purchasing. These factors will help you in making an informed decision.

Materials and Construction

It is vital to ensure that your mattress will provide a comfortable sleep experience and will be durable for a long period. So, considering materials and construction as a factor while comparing the mattresses is important. When comparing mattresses in a box, consider factors such as foam density, coil count , and the presence of any special features like cooling gel or pressure-relieving layers.

Firmness and Support

Another factor that must be considered while comparing and choosing queen mattresses in a box is the support for your body. The correct feel with suitable support determines whether your sleep will be relaxing or not. Some prefer a softer feel, but some need more support for proper spinal alignment. Thus, always select a mattress company that offers a variety of mattresses with different firmness levels, such as Wowbeds mattresses.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is also a significant factor to keep in mind when you share your bed with a partner. Always look for a mattress in a box that has a dual spring core to minimize partner disturbance. A mattress with excellent motion isolation will absorb movement, preventing disturbances and ensuring a restful night's sleep for both parties.

Temperature Regulation

If you are buying a good quality mattress, then you deserve to get a cool night’s sleep. Check whether the mattress you are buying has cooling technology that removes excess heat from the body and keeps you comfortable throughout the night, even during summer.

Trial Period and Warranty

Trial period and warranty are also very significant factors when buying or comparing a queen Mattress in a box in Australia. The Wowbeds mattresses not only come with a 10-year warranty but also a 120-night comfort trial, where you can try the mattress in the comfort of your own home and if it’s not suitable, you get a full refund.

How to Compare Queen Mattress in a Box

Research Brands and Models:

To start comparing Queen Mattress in a Box in Australia, you need to search for different reputable mattress brands such as Wowbeds. Research and get to know their offerings and specifications.

Read Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews can provide valuable insight into the comfort, durability, and overall satisfaction with a particular mattress. Look for patterns and common themes in the reviews to help inform your decision.

Compare Prices and Value:

To ensure that you are getting the best deal, comparing prices and value provided by different brands is essential. To calculate the overall value of the mattress, you must consider factors such as materials, construction, and other additional features.

Consider Your Sleeping Preferences:

As discussed above, sleeping preferences become significant when you share your bed. So, always look for mattresses that provide features such as superior back support and temperature regulation. Choose a mattress that aligns with your needs for the best possible sleep experience.


In conclusion, selecting the best mattress in a box in Australia is not that difficult. You must know several factors and compare between different mattress brands to ensure you are getting the best and budget-friendly mattress without compromising on quality. The right mattress will provide you with quality sleep and improve your overall well-being. By following this guide, you can make a wise decision that meets your needs and preferences. Invest in a mattress that provides comfort, support, and durability for years to come.